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Everything you need for your blog, in one place.

Create the WordPress blog of your dreams. Quickly & Easily.

You need a way to create a blog you care about simply and easily.

ENTER: Blog in a Box!

What is Blog in A Box?

WordPress is hands down the best tool to create a website or blog. But starting a blog is difficult. You need a domain, hosting, design, and even technical background to set it all up. Maybe you’ve tried it before or you’re brand new, but it can be incredibly confusing.

That’s why we developed Blog in A Box to make it easy. Literally, everything you need to create a website you love.

This is not a template! We set up your site from scratch, including design, graphics, and site settings to create you own beautiful WordPress blog. The process is easy and designed to empower you as we go!

How Does It Work?


Simply fill out the form, choose your domain, and design and we do the rest!!

This is about creating the online presence of your dreams with ease. We are here to help you, provide support, and ensure that your blog is exactly the way you want.

Our easy-to-use website process and resources help you quickly launch your blog so you can start creating a site that counts!

“But I’m not ready yet!” You will never actually know until you try! And the faster you start the blog, the faster you will grow.

I thought the same thing when I first started blogging. But here’s the thing: start before you’re ready. With my background in SEO, social media, and marketing, I can tell you starting now is the best thing you can do. You don’t need dozens of blog posts or even a blogging niche! You just need to start sharing your experience, passion and knowledge.

The faster you start your blog, the faster your blog will be able to gain traction online. Look, we all start at 0. 0 followers, pageviews, and posts. But starting now will help you to create clout online. Don’t wait. Get the tools and blog you need with Blog in a Box.

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